Meet Our Donors:

Linda and Allan Stikeleather P ’82 ’86 ’88; G ’16 ’16 ’19 ’20

Linda and Allan Stikeleather P ’82 ’86 ’88; G ’16 ’16 ’19 ’20

Fifty-one years ago, Linda and Allan Stikeleather enrolled their son Ted in Milton Academy’s kindergarten class. It was the beginning of the family’s long history with Milton.

Linda began her career as a teacher before becoming a stay-at-home mom. Once part of the Milton community, she became president of the Lower School Parents’ Association then led Milton’s Saturday Course for gifted public school students. Her role included coordinating with public school systems, teacher recruitment, and curriculum development.

“You have to pay teachers a fair salary,” says Linda. “They need the facilities and resources to deliver great content. You need funding to do these things.”

The family’s decision to establish a faculty and curriculum support fund at Milton was easy. “My colleagues at Milton inspired me,” shares Linda. “I wanted to make a gift that would allow them to continue their work.” Her son Scott ’86 agrees. “Anything we can do to help advance and enhance the faculty at Milton, the better the entire Milton experience.”

The family created The Stikeleather Family Fund through outright gifts as well as a charitable gift annuity. The gift annuity affords Linda and Allan guaranteed annual fixed income payments for life. They benefit from the secure income, and their gift will support faculty initiatives including faculty education, supplemental compensation, and curriculum development. “Milton is a very healthy and happy institution,” Linda says. “You can’t take that for granted.”

Milton Academy Donor Linda and Allan Stikeleather P ’82 ’86 ’88; G ’16 ’16
 ’19 ’20