Meet Our Donors:

Doug Crocker ’58

Freddy Gamble ’58

Freddy Gamble ’58 recalls many Milton memories: Latin classes in Mrs. Withington’s garden, the terror of anticipating her Class III talk in morning assembly, watching Sputnik from the Goodwin House lawn, and more.

“Looking back, I thank Milton not just for a sound education but especially for shaping my values and helping me develop as a person,” Gamble shares.

Although Gamble says the term “career” was unfamiliar to “girls” in the early ’60s, her path led her to human resources—including a 15-year stint as director of human resources with CondĂ© Nast Publications. Now retired, she focuses on conservation and exploration—with travel to far corners of the globe. Gamble’s also a generous supporter of Milton.

“It’s a delight to include Milton in my will and to designate my gift to the Milton Fund,” shares Gamble. “If I trust the school enough to make such a gift, then I should trust them to spend it where it’s most needed. Especially in these times, it pleases me to imagine that I am providing a new generation of students the opportunity to consider ‘Dare to Be True’ as a fundamental operating principle.”

Milton Academy Donor Freddy Gamble ’58